3G-900 Global Tour Ultra White/Black Men’s RH Bowling Shoes

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Made from ultra-light, yet durable hand-tooled cowhide leather, the Sport Ultra series gives you the performance, versatility, and comfort you need, with a style that tells everyone else on the lanes you mean business. Interchangeable heels and soles let you adjust the level of slide to the approach conditions.

Hand Tooled Cowhide Leather
Hardened Rubber Toe Cap
Traction Control Sole
Vented Inner Soles
Studded Heel Mount
Shoe Carry Bag
3 Interchangeable Soles and Heels
Soles included: Chrome Leather, Deer Skin Leather, Back Skin Leather
Heels included: Back Skin Leather, Flat Normal, Rippled
1 Year Warranty