• 900Global Inception DTC Pearl

    900Global Inception DTC Pearl Bowling Ball

    The S86R™ Pearl Coverstock is the strongest coverstock used on any 900 Global ball to date. The Adaptor/D™ Ceramic Asymmetric core provides 5-6″ plus of flare potential.Use the Inception™ DCT Pearl on medium-heavy lanes where a...

    $298.99 $168.95
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  • 900Global Truth Tour

    900Global Truth Tour Bowling Ball

    The S78R™ Solid Coverstock provides a clean front lane motion. The Adaptor/C™ LD (Low Differential) Symmetric core. ICE “E” 3,000 Grit Use the Truth™ Tour on heavy to medium-heavy lane conditions...

    $269.99 $149.95
  • 900Global Absolute Truth

    900Global Absolute Truth Bowling Ball

    S80R™  Hybrid Coverstock . The Adaptor/C Symmetric core provides 5-6″ plus of flare potential. Use the Absolute Truth on heavy to medium-heavy lane conditions.   The Absolute Truth™ will provide the perfect...

    $269.99 $149.95
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  • 900Global Dream On

    900Global Dream On Bowling Ball

    The 74 Response™ Hybrid Coverstock makes a quick transition in the late midlane and changes direction aggressively when encountering friction. The Identity™ Asymmetric core creates quick revving action with plenty of...

    $191.99 $139.95
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  • 900Global Shadow Ops

    900Global Shadow Ops Bowling Ball

    The New S25™ Hybrid Coverstock is an 80/20 urethane and reactive urethane blend a first for 900 Global coverstocks. The Break™ Asymmetric core has been modified to raise the RG to allow the cover to retain more energy.Use the Shadow...

    $229.99 $126.95
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  • 900Global X2

    900Global X2 Bowling Ball

    The S59™ Solid coverstock provides consistent and predictable friction. The symmetric Pod™ core produces controlled flare and a smooth transition. Use the X2 on medium length and volume patterns...

    $229.99 $124.95
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  • 900Global Badger

    900Global Badger Bowling Ball

    The S71™ Hybrid Coverstock gives you all the backend motion you need. The Lacerate™ Symmetric core provides 4-5″ plus of flare potential. Use the Badger™ on medium lane conditions where a quick change of direction...

    $229.99 $119.95
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  • Covert Ops

    900Global Covert Ops Bowling Ball

    The Covert Ops is the first Ops ball to feature the New S72™ Coverstock for even more traction.The Break™ Asymmetric core will create monstrous flare and hook potential.Use the Covert Ops™ on medium-heavy lane conditions.The Covert...

    $239.99 $119.95
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  • 900Global Boo-Yah

    900Global Boo-Yah Bowling Ball

    Boo-Yah!™ Tour Preferred Series The S20™ Solid Urethane cover provides early friction and unprecedented control. The symmetric Y-Core™ provides late revs and low flare. Use the Boo-Yah! on shorter, drier lane conditions. The Boo-Yah! is...

    $239.99 $119.95
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  • 900Global Black Ops

    900Global Black Ops Bowling Ball

    Black Ops™ The Fan-Favorite S70™ Solid Coverstock provides the perfect blend of friction and backend. The Break™ Asymmetric core will create monstrous flare and hook potential. Use the Black Ops™ on medium-heavy lane...

    $229.99 $119.95
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  • 900Global Honey Badger Bowling Ball

    900Global Honey Badger Bowling Ball

     The S71™ Pearl Coverstock creates that awesome backend motion everyone is looking for in a pearl. The Grapnel™ Asymmetric core provides 4-5″ plus of flare potential.Use the Honey Badger™ on medium lane conditions.The ALL...

    $229.99 $119.95
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  • Boost Bubblegum

    900Global Boost Bubblegum Bowling Ball

    Boost Bubblegum The classic S43™ Pearl Coverstock creates length downlane, perfect for drier oil conditions. The  Launch™ Symmetric core enables a sharp turn and pop off the spot at the breakpoint. Use the Boost™ on...

    $199.99 $89.95
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