Bowling Balls from major manufacturers. 

  • Motiv Chronic Paranoia

    Motiv Chronic Paranoia Bowling Ball

    Used by EJ Tackett to win the PBA World Championship, the Chronic Paranoia is an incredibly versatile benchmark ball. It is capable of striking from many angles on a variety of oil patterns. Featuring the wildly innovative Oblivion core and new...

    $269.99 $153.95
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  • Motiv United Revolt

    Motiv United Revolt Bowling Ball

    The United Revolt is the first pearl ever offered by MOTIV in the Revolt line and it delivers impressive performance on medium-heavy oil. Utilizing new Helix HFP Reactive technology for the cover and the low RG Vanquish core, the United Revolt provides...

    $229.99 $153.95
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  • DV8 Creed Revelation

    DV8 Creed Revelation Bowling Ball

      COLOR Purple / Charcoal / Red Pearl CORE Creed Low RG Asymmetric COVERSTOCK Composite Flip Pearl FINISH 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs. HOOK 210 LENGTH 160 RG MIN 2.496 DIFFERENTIAL 0.055 ASYMMETRIC...

    $209.99 $149.95
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  • Radical Intel Bowling Ball

    Radical Intel Bowling Ball

    LEVEL Reliable COLOR Navy / Black CORE Symmetric COVERSTOCK Ai25 FINISH 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 Siaair Micro Pad  With the combination of Radical’s new low di erential symmetric core and our Ai25 cover, the Intel makes...

    $219.99 $149.95
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  • 900Global Absolute Truth

    900Global Absolute Truth Bowling Ball

    S80R™  Hybrid Coverstock . The Adaptor/C Symmetric core provides 5-6″ plus of flare potential. Use the Absolute Truth on heavy to medium-heavy lane conditions.   The Absolute Truth™ will provide the perfect...

    $269.99 $149.95
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  • Radical Tremendous Pearl

    Radical Tremendous Pearl Bowling Ball

    COLOR Blue / Red Pearl CORE Guru Asymmetric FINISH 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound WEIGHTS 12–16 Pounds  RG 2.501 (for 15 lb ball) DIFF 0.044 (for 15 lb ball) INT DIFF 0.018 (for 15 lb ball)     RG INTRG MINRG...

    $219.99 $149.95
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  • DV8 Vandal Destroy

    DV8 Vandal Destroy Bowling Ball

    Core Type Vandal Low RG Asymmetric Coverstock Composite Hook Hybrid Finishing Steps 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound Weights12-16 lbs. Asymmetrical Diff.0.011 @ 15 lbs. RG Min 2.499 @ 15 lbs. RG Differential 0.055 @ 15...

    $209.99 $149.95
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  • Ebonite Mission Unknown Black Bowling Ball

    Ebonite Mission Unknown Bowling Ball

    The Ebonite Mission is back and features the same great original Mission core, but this time wrapped in our GB 12.7 coverstock to give the longest, most angular motion in the history of the Mission series.  Opening a ball box has never been...

    $249.99 $149.95
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  • Radical Tremendous

    Radical Tremendous Bowling Ball

    COLOR:Black Solid CORE:Guru Asymmetric RG INT:0.018 RG MIN:2.501 DIFFERENTIAL:0.044 FACTORY FINISH:500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad     RG INTRG MINRG DIFF 16LB0.0182.4890.044 15LB0.0182.5010.044 14LB0.0182.5170.044 13LB0.0112.5890...

    $219.99 $149.95
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  • DV8 Creed

    DV8 Creed Bowling Ball

    Core Type Creed Low RG Asymmetric Coverstock Composite Hook Pearl Finishing Steps 500 Siaair/ Crown Factory Compound Weights12-16 lbs. Asymmetrical Diff.0.011 @ 15 lbs. RG Min 2.496 @ 15 lbs. RG Differential 0.055 @ 15...

    $209.99 $149.95
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  • Brunswick True Motion

    Brunswick True Motion Bowling Ball

     The True Motion combines our retro True Urethane coverstock with our new Magnitude 035 Low Diff symmetrical core to create a True Urethane motion from the past. The perfect ball for players looking for total control and consistency on dry, short...

    $284.99 $144.95
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  • 900Global Dream On

    900Global Dream On Bowling Ball

    The 74 Response™ Hybrid Coverstock makes a quick transition in the late midlane and changes direction aggressively when encountering friction. The Identity™ Asymmetric core creates quick revving action with plenty of...

    $191.99 $139.95
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  • Hammer Fierce Phobia

    Hammer Fierce Phobia Bowling Ball

     The new Fierce Phobia is a combination of Hammer’s Semtex Hybrid coverstock and Phobia core. It is designed to create an aggressive mid-lane and backend reaction. Fierce Phobia not only complements the pearl Phobia, but the rest of...

    $259.99 $139.95
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  • DV8 Vandal Strike

    DV8 Vandal Strike Bowling Ball

    COLOR Black / Yellow / Blue Pearl  CORE Vandal Low RG Asymmetric  COVERSTOCK Composite Flip Pearl  FINISH 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound  WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs.  HOOK 210  LENGTH 150  RG MIN 2...

    $209.99 $139.95
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  • Ebonite Real One Bowling Ball

    Ebonite Real One Bowling Ball

      Real One #openthebox   Last year, we brought you the Mission Unknown, which was a runaway smash hit. This year, we're taking it up a notch and giving you more reason to #openthebox, with the introduction of the Real One...

    $209.99 $139.95
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  • Track Logix Bowling Ball

    Track Logix Bowling Ball

    The new Track Logix creates skid through the front of the lane with a big back end reaction. Track’s versatile QR-7 pearl coverstock and the powerful LT-2 core make it easy to throw it out to the dry and watch it come right...

    $229.99 $139.95
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