• Brunswick True Motion

    Brunswick True Motion Bowling Ball

     The True Motion combines our retro True Urethane coverstock with our new Magnitude 035 Low Diff symmetrical core to create a True Urethane motion from the past. The perfect ball for players looking for total control and consistency on dry, short...

    $284.99 $144.95
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  • Brunswick Fanatic SS

    Brunswick Fanatic SS Bowling Ball

    COVERSTOCKThe new Relativity Hook coverstock is Brunswick’s latest enhancement in performance boosting coverstock technology. Combined with our Dual Flip Symmetrical Low RG core, the Fanatic SS (strong symmetric) provides easy length, outstanding...

    $229.99 $139.95
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  • Brunswick Vintage Inferno

    Brunswick Vintage Inferno Bowling Ball

    The new Activator 2.0 coverstock is Brunswick’s modern version of original Activator. Activator 2.0 combines our re-engineered “Activator” base coverstock with a chemical supplement package for today’s conditions. Combined with...

    $249.99 $139.95
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  • Brunswick Fanatic BTU

    Brunswick Fanatic BTU Pearl Bowling Ball

    The new BTU Pearl coverstock is Brunswick’s newest innovation in our performance enhancing coverstock technology. The new “Better Than Urethane” coverstock offers an old-school Pearl urethane ball motion with improved consistency...

    $219.99 $129.95
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