• Hammer Gauntlet Fury

    Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball

    The new Gauntlet Fury is made up of Hammer’s strongest pearl coverstock, Semtex Pearl CFI and the Gauntlet core. This combination offers length through the front with plenty of midlane and backend angularity. Get ready to unleash the fury of this...

    $289.99 $169.95
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  • Hammer Gauntlet

    Hammer Gauntlet Bowling Ball

    FCC Rating (27.25)  The Semtex CFI (Carbon Fiber Infused) coverstock from the Scandal is back, but this time it's wrapped around a new asymmetric core. That's right. Asymmetric.   Originally, we tamed this monster shell by...

    $289.99 $169.95
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  • Hammer Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball

    Hammer Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball

    The Gold Standard Hammer's Black Widow Gold We’ve taken our most angular coverstock and combined it with our most angular core to give you motion where you want to see it the most, the backend. If you miss out on this one,...

    $224.99 $139.95
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  • Hammer Dark Legend Solid

    Hammer Dark Legend Solid Bowling Ball

    DARK LEGEND SOLID FCC Rating (27.5) The Dark Legend Solid is stronger than ever making it the most dangerous Black Widow ever!    FINISH (9)This 500/2000 AbralonTM finish am- plifies the strength of our new Sem-...

    $249.99 $139.95
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  • Phobia

    Hammer Phobia Bowling Ball

    FCC Rating (25)The overall strength of the Phobia creates great length with a powerful ball motion.FINISH (7.25) The 500/1000 Abralon finish is polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish to store energy for the back end.CORE (8.5)Our NEW Phobia...

    $259.99 $139.95
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  • Hammer Rebel Yell

    Hammer Rebel Yell Bowling Ball

    The Rebel is back and ready to make some noise. Hammer’s Juiced Pearl coverstock wrapped around the Rebel core will create a lot of angle downlane on any medium oil condition. When this one knocks 10 in the pit, don’t be afraid to get loud...

    $229.99 $126.95
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  • Hammer Diesel

    Hammer Diesel Bowling Ball

    The Hammer Diesel has made its return. We took the same  Diesel core shape that every Hammerhead loved and wrapped our trusted NBT Hybrid coverstock around it. The result is a great complement to the Rebel and Rebel Solid.  Updated with...

    $229.99 $126.95
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  • Hammer Rebel Solid

    Hammer Rebel Solid Bowling Ball

    FCC Rating (24.5)    FINISH (9)  The 500/2000 AbralonTM surface is perfect for medium to heavy oil patterns. This 500/2000 grit finish will give you more teeth in the oil than any other mid price ball.    CORE (7...

    $229.99 $126.95
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  • Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane

    Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

    FCC Rating (14.5) The overall strength of the Black Urethane is perfect for medium to light oil patterns. This throwback will really excel on shorter oil patterns.   FINISH (9) The 500/1000/2000 AbralonTM finish of modern version of the...

    $229.99 $126.95
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  • Hammer Rebel

    Hammer Rebel Bowling Ball

    REBEL FCC Rating (22.25)   FINISH (7.25) The 500/1000 AbralonTM surface finished with Factory Finish Polish is perfect for medium oil patterns. The added texture underneath the polished finish allows the Rebel to perform at its best...

    $229.99 $126.95
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  • Hammer Black Urethane Bowling Ball

    Hammer Black Urethane Bowling Ball


    $229.99 $126.95
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  • Hammer Cherry Vibe

    Hammer Cherry Vibe Bowling Ball

    That’s right Hammer fans, you’re reading correctly. The iconic Vibe line is back and with it comes the crowd favorites. Cherry Vibe will bring length and angularity to your arsenal at an unbeatable price. Updated with Hammer’s patent...

    $189.99 $115.99
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  • Hammer Blue Vibe

    Hammer Blue Vibe Bowling Ball

     That’s right Hammer fans, you’re reading correctly. The iconic Vibe line is back and with it comes the crowd favorites. Blue Vibe will bring length, predictability and versatility to your arsenal at an unbeatable price.  Updated...

    $209.99 $115.99
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  • Hammer Blue Hammer Bowling Ball

    Hammer Blue Hammer Bowling Ball

    The Viral Solid follows up the highly successful and demanded Viral which brought the Vibe Core back into the Hammer product line. Our Violent Flip Reactive Solid cover stock creates a stronger read of the mid-lane while maintaining the strong move...

    $214.99 $109.99
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  • Hammer Burgundy Bowling Ball

    Hammer Burgundy Bowling Ball

    The original Burgundy Hammer from the early 1990’s was the earliest and strongest ball of its time; if you needed hook, you turned to the Burgundy. We didn’t set out to give the bowling world another urethane product, we...

    $199.99 $109.99
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  • Hammer Widow Spare

    Hammer Widow Spare Bowling Ball

    WIDOW SPARE Now Hammerheads have a performance polyester option to put in their bags. The Widow Spare, featuring the legendary gas mask core, is perfect for hammering spares, or taming tough conditions when other balls hook too much. BALL SPECS ...

    $149.99 $99.99
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