• Radical Quick Fix

    Radical Quick Fix Bowling Ball

    The Quick Fix is the newest addition to our Top Shelf line, and we are extremely excited about expanding the Radical line to include a ball with a more responsive backend reaction. Combining our innovative Shapeshifter core with a new cover formula...

    $219.99 $169.95
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  • Radical Katana

    Radical Katana Bowling Ball

    The Katana is a new addition to our Top Shelf line and features a new core and coverstock. For the first time in Radical’s history we have named a cover, the Katana features the Forged coverstock. This combination of a new cover and a new...

    $219.99 $165.95
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  • Radical More Cash

    Radical More Cash Bowling Ball

    While the original Cash was and still is the hookingest ball ever made, we have figured out a way to improve on it by keeping the total hook the same and just increasing the backend reaction. More Cash delivers by offering a bit more length, a lot more...

    $289.99 $165.95
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  • Radical Cash

    Radical Cash Bowling Ball

    Is there such a thing as too much hook? Well, we are about to find out. The Cash features a newly designed asymmetric core and a highly aggressive reactive cover formulation that combined result in the most aggressive, biggest hooking Radical ball to...

    $289.99 $165.95
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  • Radical Tremendous Pearl

    Radical Tremendous Pearl Bowling Ball

    COLOR Blue / Red Pearl CORE Guru Asymmetric FINISH 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound WEIGHTS 12–16 Pounds  RG 2.501 (for 15 lb ball) DIFF 0.044 (for 15 lb ball) INT DIFF 0.018 (for 15 lb ball)     RG INTRG MINRG...

    $219.99 $149.95
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  • Radical Tremendous

    Radical Tremendous Bowling Ball

    COLOR:Black Solid CORE:Guru Asymmetric RG INT:0.018 RG MIN:2.501 DIFFERENTIAL:0.044 FACTORY FINISH:500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad     RG INTRG MINRG DIFF 16LB0.0182.4890.044 15LB0.0182.5010.044 14LB0.0182.5170.044 13LB0.0112.5890...

    $219.99 $149.95
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  • Radical Xeno Pearl

    Radical Xeno Pearl Bowling Ball

    The Xeno Pearl offers strong-off-the-spot ball motion with excellent continuation through the pins. Our ball testers have reported that the Xeno Pearl gave them more length and more flip making it the perfect complement to the original Xeno. The Xeno...

    $189.99 $134.95
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  • Radical Cyclops Pearl

    Radical Cyclops Pearl Bowling Ball

    The Cyclops Pearl adds more length and more flip off the spot making it very eye appealing (Cyclops, get it, the Eye) for nearly all bowlers. One of the strengths of Radical Bowling Technologies is related to the extensive options for cover stock...

    $189.99 $129.99
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