• Motiv Jackal Rising

    Motiv Jackal Rising Bowling Ball

     Featuring the new Predator V3 weight block and new Coercion HV2 cover, the Jackal Rising is even stronger! With more differential, this asymmetr ic beast will help every bowler cross more boards on heavy oil conditions. The...

    $239.99 $167.95
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  • Motiv Trident Quest

    Motiv Trident Quest Bowling Ball

    The Trident Quest is the culmination of extensive cover stock research conducted to create a violent and angular response to friction.  Perfectly tuned for medium-heavy oil conditions, the asymmetric pearl Trident Quest is a remarkably aggressive...

    $259.99 $167.95
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  • Motiv Jackal Ghost

    Motiv Jackal Ghost Bowling Ball

    The Jackal has been resurrected! The new Jackal Ghost is here to reign terror on heavy oil. With paranormal performance, it delivers more total hook potential than any previous Jackal with no loss in continuation. It's scary good! The Predator V2 weight...

    $239.99 $167.95
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  • Motiv Villain

    Motiv Villain Bowling Ball

    Something Sinister has returned to the MOTIV product line and is at the core of the new Villain.  Created to bring devastation on higher volume patterns, the Villain features an incredibly versatile Coercion MFS solid cover and the high RG...

    $239.99 $159.95
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  • Motiv Lethal Paranoia

    Motiv Lethal Paranoia Bowling Ball

    Merge a super clean cover with a ridiculously fast backend response and you have a deadly combination. That’s the Lethal Paranoia™!   Designed for medium oil, this new ball is the perfect progression from the Trident Quest™...

    $269.99 $153.95
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  • Motiv Chronic Paranoia

    Motiv Chronic Paranoia Bowling Ball

    Used by EJ Tackett to win the PBA World Championship, the Chronic Paranoia is an incredibly versatile benchmark ball. It is capable of striking from many angles on a variety of oil patterns. Featuring the wildly innovative Oblivion core and new...

    $269.99 $153.95
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  • Motiv United Revolt

    Motiv United Revolt Bowling Ball

    The United Revolt is the first pearl ever offered by MOTIV in the Revolt line and it delivers impressive performance on medium-heavy oil. Utilizing new Helix HFP Reactive technology for the cover and the low RG Vanquish core, the United Revolt provides...

    $229.99 $153.95
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  • Motiv Forza SS

    Motiv Forza SS Bowling Ball

    Engineering a bowling ball to provide both incredible versatility and loads of hook potential is a tall order. Balls like this are rare, but the Forza SS delivers in a big way! It is very smooth and strong. Designed for medium oil, it will come into play...

    $199.99 $136.95
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  • Motiv Venom Shock Pearl

    Motiv Venom Shock Pearl Bowling Ball

    Finally, the Venom Shock Pearl (VSP) has arrived! Featuring our new Hexion cover and a dual density weight block, the VSP is the perfect complement to the original solid edition, which is one of the most popular MOTIV balls ever because it is so...

    $189.99 $129.99
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  • Motiv Tag Cannon

    Motiv Tag Cannon Bowling Ball

    The Tag™ Cannon makes a very bold statement on light oil conditions. It provides easy length on higher friction lane surfaces and a fast response at the back of the lane.  To create proper continuation and maximum striking potential, the Tag...

    $244.99 $129.99
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  • Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball

    Motiv Venom Cobra Bowling Ball

    Strike back with the new Venom Cobra.  This new breed of Venom features the new Top Gear dual-density weight block and new Sabotage Hybrid Reactive cover combination that is absolutely devastating. Created for light to medium oil, it provides...

    $224.99 $129.99
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  • Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

    Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

    The new solid purple Venom Shock produces a violent reaction on light to medium oil conditions.  It attacks the lane with the proven Gear™ weight block and new cover technology – Turmoil™ MFS (Medium Friction Solid) Reactive, which...

    $244.99 $129.99
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  • Motiv Tank Rampage

    Motiv Tank Rampage Bowling Ball

    The Tank Rampage is a strong urethane ball engineered for the modern game. Featuring both a new cover stock and new core specifications, it will dominate on patterns with wet/dry features and also on higher friction surfaces where reactive resin balls...

    $169.99 $129.99
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  • Motiv Hyper Sniper

    Motiv Hyper Sniper Bowling Ball

    The Hyper Sniper spare ball utilizes new MOTIV® TruShot Polythane technology, which provides the performance of polyester with the durability of urethane.  Combining this new cover technology with the proven Hollow-Point core, the Hyper Sniper...

    $149.99 $109.99
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  • Motiv Freestyle Rush

    Motiv Freestyle Rush Pearl Bowling Ball

    The pearl Freestyle Rush was given a differential boost and new shell to provide more shape down lane than the original Freestyle balls. Designed for light oil conditions, the Freestyle Rush gives bowlers more angle and greater The new Agility™ LFP...

    $179.99 $104.99
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