Motiv Freestyle Black / Blue Pearl Bowling Ball

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The Freestyle™ is a fresh mix of proven and new technology combined to provide length, a great backend, and a more consistent transition that reduces over/under issues on light oil.
The new Turmoil™ LFP (Low Friction Pearl) cover retains energy on light oil conditions because it generates less friction, yet is still aggressive enough to begin its transition in the oil. This is the special performance blend that allows the Freestyle to reduce over/under issues.
The Recon™ core is a proven piece of MOTIV technology. It is a high RG core with low differential that is used to retain energy in light oil environments, so it is an obvious compliment to the new Turmoil LFP cover.

COVERSTOCK Turmoil LFP Reactive
FINISH 5500 Grit LSP
WEIGHTS 16 15 14 13 12 11 10
RG RATING 2.59 2.59 2.61 2.62 2.62 2.69 2.75
RG DIFFERENTIAL .018 .025 .025 .030 .038 .022 .010
MB DIFFERENTIAL